“All I want is a list of prices.”  Well, here you go:

 Hourly rate for non-categorized services  $80
 Virus removal – incl free antivirus program install  $100
 OS install and data transfer  $100
 Accelerate Windows (clean up/speed up) please see page for details  starting from $50
Accelerate Mac OSX (2 hrs labor) Minimum $150
 Hard drive (HDD) upgrade – incl data transfer  $50
 Diagnosis (find cause of problem) – fee waived if repair or Peace of Mind subscription purchased  $40
 Peace of Mind Service (per month price)  $15
 Prod.: New HDD: 240GB SSD  $110
 Prod.: New HDD: WD 2TB 7200rpm Caviar Black 5-yr warr.  $160
 Prod.: New External 4TB HDD (custom built)  $200
 Prod.: Windows 7 Professional  $150
 Prod.: Windows 8 Professional  $150
 Prod.: Windows 10 Professional  $180
Prod.: Seagate 1TB external HDD (for Peace of Mind subscribers)  Free

Included with any service call is a basic tune-up to remove extraneous files, toolbars, and check for non-functioning anti-virus or other programs.

If what you need isn’t listed here, contact us and we’ll get it all sorted out.

Prices subject to change as markets dictate.